Monday, September 15, 2014

Birchbox September 2014 Anniversary Box and missing products.

Birchbox Anniversary Box.

The theme for September 2014 Birchbox is Fresh Paint and for their fourth Anniversary Birchbox is giving us subscribers a beautifully designed box. I love the design and the box personally! There are three different box designs you could receive.

I have to admit I can't help myself and as soon as Birchbox updates their website I look at what I'm going to be getting each month. For September we got to choose a sample and I was getting seven products for September. The sizes of the products are also an ample amount, some people were complaining about the size of the samples and that they were tiny foil packets. Birchbox is really stepping up and working on making customers happy.

My box:

As soon as I opened my box I noticed there was products missing, I only had four items in my box, I looked at the card and realized I was missing three items. This hasn't happened to me before, I had to contact Birchbox in the past and I love the customer service. 

I spoke to Joey and she was apologetic, very helpful and is sending me the missing items that weren't in my box. In my opinion Birchbox has the best customer service and points system out of all the beauty boxes that I subscribe to.  The missing products were: Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, Davines Shampoo and Davines Conditioner. 

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