Sunday, August 31, 2014

Julep August 2014

The them for Julep's August polish collection is "The Wanderlust Collection" and is my favorite shades so far since I've been a Maven since June 2014. The colors are gorgeous and quite unique in my opinion. The polish was so popular most of the box choices were sold out within a few hours after the Maven window being open. Just about everyone wanted India-Boho Glam. 

Julep had a major problem this month with orders, also decided not to use DHL and went to Fedex Smartship and started shipping out of a warehouse in Ohio. Julep also over-sold the Maven boxes and this upset so many woman. 

 Some people didn't get a box, some got doubles, triples, ect. Missing items, the list goes on. Julep didn't respond/explain to Mavens what they were going to do to fix the situation they put themselves in.  The boxes that did go out were extremely late. Julep finally sent out an e-mail to all Maven's apologizing for the mess up and sent Jules to make up for it. The Maven's that didn't get a box at all were refunded, received a box of favorites free, and Jules. I think that was very fair in my opinion and some people were still not happy and canceled.

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